2019 Summer Sunglasses Trends

Trendies Of Spring / Summer 2019 Sunglasses

Spring / Summer 2019 Sunglasses models consist of both sporty and more classic designs. Also we’d seen many different kind of modernist framses as print and form and that’s why if you’re cretive one you can make sure you’ll be enjoying the trendies of 2019.

What don’t draw draw the attention in sun glasses; flash sun glasses that were so popular several years before but cat eye sunglasses and triangle sun glasses have become more popular surprisingly.  Briefly the impression of sunglusses that’s been used in spring of 2019 has been futuristic, modernist, even but there’s still been it’s retro options.

1.Shield Sunglasses

Shield Sunglasses protects your eyes from solar rays the most and which means protects the most of your face. Their biggest identifier is that they’re not made of double frames like many sunglasses. They’re made of transperant and big protective material that involves both nasal bridge and eyes.

Super big size sunglasses are quite popular this year. Gucci have the most excessive their versions.

Tom Ford draws attentions among the  designers and 3.1 Phillip Lim leaps out among the brands.

2. Sporty Sunglasses

By the big return of shield sunglasses, 2019 sunglasses trends have been impressed by both sport pattern and sunglasses that we mentioned above.

Sportive sunglasses are awesome for futuristic mountain sunglasses.

3.Extreme Fancy Sunglasses

Jewelries and adornment are the common sight for hight level sunglasses but brought them into extremely high levels. If you define yourself ‘extreme’, this will be one of spring/summer seasons that you love the most.

If Dolce % Gabanna wouldn’t have sent models with sunglasses with giant jewel covered, it would’ve been a big surprise. D&G has been delivered with  golden frames shaped in a form of brand’s logo and designs of jewel and pearl.

4. Patterned Frames

There was a unique spring print trend on all podiums. That’s why it was normal that they have showed up in sunglasses of Spring / Summer 2019.

Brands that have been glittered with their fabric designs attracks the attentions with their glittered designs and frames at the same time.

Spot design was one of the most used designs of this year for clothing and it was so fun that they seemed on black color of Fendi sunglasses as white.

5. Red Frames

Having a sunglasses with red frames might make you feel like you are a hero of a travel movie in 1950’s. That’s why it feels good that sunglasses with red frames got into the trendies of 2019’s sunglasses.

There was a bright red frame in Varsace  that was opposite triangle sunglasses, soft blue lens.

A couple with red frame and black lens nearly seems like the sunglasses that kind of red sunglasses that make you feel like a hero in 1950’s.

6. Triangle Shaped Sunglasses

Triangle shaped sunglasses has the impression of futuristic more than Retro this year. They are soft, naive and sophisticated with the effect of avant-garde vibe.

Blueberro has chosen to draw the all attentions to triangle sunglasses, lenses has the top that’s rounded and pulled the eye part down and this made the models seem a litte sad.

 Sally Lapointe and Saint Laurent has also produced triangle sunglasses that needs to be talking about this year.

7. Horizontal Thin Framed Sunglasses

Several horizontal thin framed sunglasses  made to place in the list  as big size eyeglasses dominates sunglasses trendies of Spring/Summer 2019. Most of thin lenses as horizontal had the impression of futuristic ans showed up as both triangle and rectangle.

The thinest frames that we made firm was a model that included wire frame that’s rectangle and has bright orange and long right under one lens of a half framed design.

8. Tiny Sunglasses

Alongside mod thin futuristic sunglasses, spring/summer sunglasses trends has the forms of tiny sunglasses that can be easily reached more than protecting your eyes from solay rays.

Fendi’s tiny sunglasses had the motives of eye-spot, it’s potantial and designs was seeming romantic.

Her x Other and Saint Laurent  introduced a range of their tiny sunglasses in any shape and form  by getting impressed by forms of diamond and sky breezes.

9. Big Square Sunglasses

Square Sunglasses are excellent and timeless; when the sky make-up was a problem, you can use them to protect your face and know that you’ll looking nice without putting much effort.  They’re one of the trendies of 2019’s sunglasess  is not a big surprise.

Christian Dior used the color of blusher in sunglasses model with thick acetate frame and big square lens.  Other designers that has given us big thich frames; Chanel, Bruberry.

10. Unique Sunglasses Shapes

Some of 2019 sunglasses was fitting none of the trendies because they were just too modernists.  Designers have played the shapes of sunglasses in a fast and slack way and created fascinating changes.

Created by Editor Uğur Vardar

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