2020 Spring / Summer Shoulder Bag Trends

2020 Spring / Summer Shoulder Bag Trends

Discover the most popular and fashion purses of 2020  Spring and Summer months!

Micro Mini Shoulder Bags got attentions of fashion industry but note that after new year there will be new it-bag. Before thining of investing on which dress, there is use of taking a look at shoulder bag trends that have reflected to 2020  Spring / Summer fashion shows. Ultimately, shoulder bags are the fashion figure that women want to take with them all the time and can carry everything they want. As well as this figure is beautiful, it’s functional has lots of meaning.

Most of the most popular purses don’t meet specific aesthetic this season;  different purposes in women’s lives position in different ways. Nevertheless, we see Jacquemus has the championship cup with small sillhouettes but still it’s possible to say that dimensions of shoulder bag become different.   

Here’s the shoulder bag trends that their brands stand behind.


2020 Spring / Summer Shoulder Bag Trends

Big Shoulder Bags, that are alternatives with the shoulder bag that is too small to carry some things in them, showed up in fashion shows of 4 big cities. From Sies Marjan’s ring detailed design to Jacquemus’s knotted  commentary, this is a fortunate season for women who carry lots of stuffs with them.


2020 Spring / Summer Shoulder Bag Trends

Many Purses from 70s references that we’ve seen 2020 Spring / Summer collections got their shares of course. Trend that reflects into designs as silver sparkling metallic shoulder bags, is ideal for those who want to add a little disco atmosphere in their appearance.


2020 Spring / Summer Shoulder Bag Trends

One of the most striking details in Shoulder Bag  Collections like Prada, Miu Miu and Gucci were Bambu Stems that was counted in designs. Bambu that got its inspiration from nature and is a great option for hot weathers, is impressive in terms of catching an fabric adversity with leather and sateen.  When you visit Vintage Stores, we’re sure that you’ll find interesting purse models that fit in this trend.

More and More

As some trends let you put your all stuffs in one and big shoulder bags, trend that we’re about to talk about encourages you categorize them and carry them by dividing.

We’re talking about the shoulder bag that have been created by combination of 2-3 shoulder bag. While these combinations are schematic event in JW Anderson and Peter Pilotto, Coach makes reference to Accord tied from their askers.


2020 Spring / Summer Shoulder Bag Trends

Knitting and rush mat shoulder bag  were the models that we’ve seen for last several years, we testify its adulthood  by being made with high- quality leather and drew clearer forms of desings with 2020.

This balance between timeless silhouettes can change your point of view to baskets.


2020 Spring / Summer Shoulder Bag Trends

Striking pouches showed up in purse fashion shows of 2020 Spring / Summer season. Minimal like Khatie and Troy Burch or fancy like Louis Vuitton, They are the shoulder bag trends with  clipses of coin pouch and forms like pillow that you should give chance.

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