Changing Trends of 2020 Because Of Pandemia

Changing Trends of 2020 Because Of Pandemia

Coronavirus pandemia has affected our lives in a lot of ways. The habits of shopping are one of them. What we buy from food to clothes has changed and trends has become one of them.

If coronavirus didn’t pass through our lives, most likely a quite different consumption would happen like it did last year. In fact, shopping has showed a trendancy to online stores and the products that we buy have changed.

Face masks, that are not used in daily life, have become a part of our lives except some Asian countries.

As both fashion and health, use of masks has increased cauesed producing new different kinds of face masks. Masks are combined with clothes and turn into new trends.

Track suits have become popular was a coincidence, its sales has boomed. In the first week of quarantine, sales of track suits increased forty percent. Track suits that have already been popular, have become the most popular clothes of 2020 all of a sudden.

Eye make-up products and false-eyelashes are one of the most selling products in this period.

The sales of cosmetics in May are much more than its sales in March and April. The reason of that is the period of normalization has started. Aside from cosmetic products, it’s seen that costumers trend to skin care products. The sales of body creams, cellulite care products, face masks are higher than make-up products. Comeback to simplicity is one of the trends

Simple pieces and natural colours are coming back. People, who care about their economies in this period, trend to timeless products that seem expensive even though they’re expensive. Researchers, that say that the fashion would be so popular this year, indicate  brands concentrate on some smooth and simple products that can alwasys be sold.  

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