Do The Products Coming By Cargo Carry Coronavirus

Do The Products Coming By Cargo Carry Coronavirus

Coronavirus has been affecting the whole world. The numbers of deads because of Coronavirus have been increasing and everyone tries to protect from Coronavirus. So the important question in minds is that do the Catgos coming from China and other countries carry the Coronavirus anda re they contagious?

Infectious Diseases Physician Dr. Songul Ozer who works in NP Istanbul Brain Hospital gave voice to;

‘ Viruses spreads too fast and Corona is a virus. But there is a very important point.

These viruses so Coronavirus can’t be alive outer spaces they should live in a living cell to be alive.  In order for them to live, they must live inside the corpuscle and respiration. They can never be alive in outer environment. It’s not possible to infected by Cargos or packets coming from China via the person carrying the Cargo. Something like this is not possible. Because those products remains in outer environments for too long ad it’s not possible for the viruses to live.

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