Thomas Shelby’s Elegant Style

Peaky Blinders, a TV Show that both successfully reflects the atmosphere of England 1900s and gives pleasant moments to its audience. Let me give you little information about the Show for those who don’t watch it. Peaky Blinders is the name of a gang that subjugates Birmingham after World War 1. The gang consists of Shelby family and their leaders is Thomas Shelby whom Irish actor Cillian Murphy portrays. Peaky Blinder’s source of inspiration is youth gang that was active in the same period well known with their chic clothing and razor blades that they carry on their hats and beat their enemies with.

Everyone in the show has a great style but what we are going to discourse is the style of Thomas Shelby.

Peaky Blinders
Elegant Style of Peaky Blinders

When it comes to his hats. We mostly see him with the hat that’s called “newsboy cap”, and most of the people call flat cap. Because these hats are like a symbol of the gang. Besides they sometimes wear hats called “fedora”.

Style of Thomas Shelby

If you’re a businessman like Thomas Shelby, you’ve got to remunerate your suit. What kind of things are there in these 3 different suits. The image of the collar, for example, it’s a style called ‘ the air tie’ that looped all shirt buttons and there is no tie. Thomas Shelby prefers this style with mostly club collar shirts during the show.  

Thomas Shelby

The other part of Thomas Shelby’s style is accessories, colours and designs, the basic parts that make combination special. A classic image with a contrast stripe shirt, tie clip or pocket watch, a glasses fitted to the shape of the face, a leather glove, ring and studs.

When it comes to shoes, we can’t imagine that Tommy Shelby prefers any different shoe model but Oxford style. Oxford leather boots called “cap toe” that seems like the part of shoe toe is added. He completes his rebel image with these shoes.

Slim-fit vests with 4 pockets are indispensable for Thomas Shelby. It might be bipartite from the same colour and fabric with the rest of suit.

Shelby’s Coat
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