What is Free Shipping? How does it work?

What is Free Shipping? How does it work?

- It is an effective method of transportation used in international transportation. This process can be realized thanks to the cooperation of many companies. The main reason for this situation is to provide the best possible service to the customers at the cheapest cost by reducing transportation costs.

-This system starts with the delivery of the product by the transport company in the central country where the products are located. The products are transported with the first carrier company until the customs clearance department of the destination country. The packages, which are then sorted in the destination countries, are received by the cooperating transport companies in the destination country after successful customs clearance. Some of these companies by country are as follows;

  • USA / USPS
  • EU/DHL

Customs fees for many packages are covered by us in customs clearance procedures, but in some cases, unexpected customs fees may be encountered. We do not cover customs fees in these cases. If you do not want to receive the product due to the high customs cost, you are entitled to a refund from the moment the product arrives at our warehouse.

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