Handbag Trends of 2019-2020 Fall-Winter Season

Handbag Models of Fall-Winter Months

We have news for handbag lovers. Handbags for Women are unique and so chic this year. You can easily come to the realization that they are less outlandish than last seasons. Designs and colors that’s been used on handbags are more functional this season. Women of this century are so busy in office and home that’s why Handbags for Women are more practical and comfortable because the hands of women who work should be free.

Handbags are the best seatmate of women, aren’t they?  Each woman pay attention to some factor whilst choosing a handbag. Some prefer small handbags because they can’t find what they look for inside. But I think this is the typical problem of this kind of women.I’m positive that you have the same kind of problem.

When it comes to fashion I’d like to write about Women Handbag trends of this year by putting our preferences to one side if you like as well following the fashion.

With Double Handbag

Designers tried different ways to make Women Handbags attractive this year. One of them is its tiny version that’s been attached to a big handbag you use. Most of the women want to take lots of things when they go out and get lost inside big handbags. You can put your wallets and phones in small handbags thus you can reach them with more ease.

With Double Handbag

Furry Handbags

Maybe furry handbags don’t keep you warm physically but they can make your look a little warmer. This year, there are many furs in many uses like Furry Handbags, Furry Shoulder Bags, Furry Clutch Handbags, Furry Sports Handbags.

Furry Handbags

Tiny Handbags

Designers couldn’t stop themselves ever since they started Micro Handbags that are fashionable. Normally, this kind of Handbags gets attached to bigger handbags because all they can carry is lipstick, necklace or changes. We also saw some famous ones that put them as a necklace.

Tiny Handbags

Snakeskin Handbags

Snakeskin Handbags of 70s fashion are back! Snakeskin is versatile like simple skin. But they’re a little more interesting and absolutely more luxury.

Snakeskins have been used in models of Shoulder Bags and Handbags this season.

Snakeskin Handbag

Minimalist Handbags

Handbag designers didn’t forget about minimalist options even though they focused on ornamets and prints this season.

Square shaped simple handbags that are made of soft skin and have a tiny brand label for those who love simplicity will be ideal.

Patchy Handbags

Many years ago, blankets thereafter carpets, lastly clothes were patchy. Generally, it’s a design that those who have colorful personalities can prefer. Patch designs might be so different colored and avangrad according to designers.

Handbags In Box, Cube And Special Shapes

Fashion designers find new ways to create designs except for treditional handbag shapes.

This trend is one of those ways. We love unexpected fashion and probably we’ll see these interesting shapes in everybody’s hand. Speaking of handbags in Cube and Box shapes, let’s talk about more interesting models. We saw handbags that are in triangle and ameba. I’m not so sure if they’re going to be new trends or not.

Fanny Packs

Our moms used to carry in our childhoods, they were so fashionable in 90s. Now designers give many different shapes to them and made them new trends.

Ther are the most comfortable and useful among handbags. They can create a nice combination with daily clothes. They were trends last year and also continue to be trending this year and I think we’ll be seeing them among trends a while longer.

Fanny Packs are in the catalogue of all producers like they put in an appearance in catalogue of all designers.  

Some of them designed Leather Fanny Packs, some Sport Fanny Packs and SchoolFanny Packs.

It’s so hard to choose in the madness of this Handbag Model.

Well before getting to the end of our blogs. I need to say that trends are not limited to these, there are 50 different handbag models existgingly that awaits for costumers. Women need handbags in daily life, nightlife and everywhere.

Lastly, women who take not of the sustainability and recycling and respect the nature will put 2-3 cloth or mesh bags in their handbags in any case. I know that they will not buy the plastic bags in shopping centers or supermarkets, thus they will do the nature favor.

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