Handbag Trends of 2019

The handbag trends of 2019 has started showing up slowly. There are again options on the tablet that are savoury and you’d like to taste. We’re talking about handbags for sure. The excellent accsossoires that we can never say ‘no’ no matter how many bags we have already and their trends we’ll keep tracing in 2019.

1.       Handbags As Necklace

Let’s start with appetiser first; the smallest portion. In 2019 designers have focused on needs when it comes to hangbags and created tiny models. The most proper way to carry these handbags is hanging and that lets hands free.

2.  Handbags On Margin Of Chain

Forget about standart clutch models. Handbags will make you feel like carrying a work of art due to the new geometric forms that they got in 2019. There is use of warning you already, handbags that are in ball form don’t have enough room to get lots of thing in them.  But their designs are such beautiful and special, you won’t mind it!

3. Pouch Handbags

These handbags that seems like intending to get all your stuffs in shows up by their fonctionality.  Pouch Handbag models that that facilitate to use handbags pratically among models, they can be used as an amusing savor with their blossom designs and bright fibers.

4. Feather Cloud Handbags

We can’t deny the place of feathers o fashion but in 2019 there is such a handbag model as you can   use with both your casual handbags and chic night handbags in a great step with. We’re mentioning about the handbags that are made of feathers and look like clouds.

5. Lace Handbangs    

The most surprising model of handbag of 2019, influences the all fashion weeks from New York to Paris, enriched with colorful laces and laps like dangled yellow shoes. What are their charms?

If fashion is hand in glove with sport clothing this much takes into consideration, the inspiration of this trend is coming from ‘sneaker culture’ can be said.

6. Handbags With Elip

Modern handbags gets vintage touched by elips of classic changes. This charming detail that  sometimes we see them in small size sometimes big size; attractive as much as practical.

7.Completely Transparent Handbags

Keep acting transparent about what you carry with you yet handbags keep being one of the most preferred handbags in 2019 as well. Though some of you don’t feel comfortable about this transparency maybe there is use of thinking more free.

8. Handbags That Are Hold On The Line Of Hip

If you’re the one thinking that more is always more as micro handbags keep holing their own in our lives by their elegancy you should face to more different trend. That is the trend that big handbags Show up. What 2019 brings at our lives is that you hold them on the line of hip!

9. Dual Handbags

Carrying multi handbags is essential recently when thinking about carrying your sport stuffs and credit cards at the same time. For last several years this essential turned into trend and caused high fashion brands to  rewrite handbag design codes.

10. Object of Desire Headbags

As desiring of original it-bag styles gain speed, designers have started recalling archives of fashion houses. Designs that  keeps their vintage styles are one of the most desirable handbags in 2019 even though they’re reinterpreted.

Created by Blog Editor Mustafa Vardar

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