Is loneliness a problem or a life style?

Writing this article will be so engrossing cause I have to do deep discussing with myself. I will try to write all my opinion according to this century’s people life style.

Thank you for reading.

Is loneliness a problem or a life style?Get a gift to give up your loneliness and make someone happy.

” Loneliness ” A magical word or the worst situation.

Actually, each of us should ask this question to our soul and we have to ask this question ” Am I alone or not? ” before replying first question.

-Yes, the first question should be ” Am I alone or not? “

Cause in this technoloqy century, most of people are forgetting to talk with others, they forget the spend time with family, walking around the city or go to picnic. All we have some strong addiction at our life from the morning till mid-night. As checking emails, using social media, playing online game, watching some youtubers video, even writing an article as me, mobile games, vr life, drone games etc. All of them are pushing us to Loneliness!

According to my mind, Loneliness is a sickness but it is turning to life style in a few years.

To figure this problem out, we don’t have to away from the internet. Only we need to spend more time with our family, with friends, even with someone who don’t know you. Cause, only we remember that we’are human and we have to develop the community with living together. If we teach to loneliness to our kids, they will be alone as well.

Kids and us, we should spend some of our time at outside together and we have to do some good thing at outside.

Pick your family, hold your kids hand and go outside. Don’t back to home till evening!


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