Sunglasses For Face Shapes

Sunglasses For Face Shapes

A good sunglasses has more effects than only protecting the eyes from harmful solar rays. Sunglasses tops as a completing piece of the style and more importantly, any dress thay you wear doesn’t have this kind of transforming effect on your face.  So as not to turn this situation into a bad transformation, you should make right choices according to your face shape. Thus you can do miracles in your style and appearance.

Sunglasses For Square Face Shape

Sunglasses For Face Shapes

In square shaped face, cheekbones have thicker and angular lines with forehead and chin equal width. A smooth line going down to chin from forehead is in the foreground. Frames, that are proportional with length and width of the face, have the effect of softening the sharp angles on face. Large and curved designs soften the sharp lines on square shaped face and equilibrate with cheekbones. Also colourful frames can remove the attentions from smooth facial lines. In a manner of speaking, you can try Cat-Eye designs. These kinds of sunglasses are quite suitable for the faces that have diamond shape.  

Sunglasses For Round Face Shape

Sunglasses For Face Shapes

In round face, cheekbones are larger, forehead and chin are in the same width and have softer angles. Cheeks are thick in this face is at the forefront. It’s definable from other face shapes with its chin. What people who have round face shape need to be careful about is to choose the frames to add angles to their faces. As the stong lines of square and rectangle sunglasses make the face shape look thin and tall, angular and geometrical frames create the balance on face by adding more distinct and sharp lines.

If you have curled and thick cheeks, you can choose cat eye and D style sunglasses.

Sunglasses For Heart Face Shape

Sunglasses For Face Shapes

The largest part on face in heart face shapes is forehead. The lines of face slightly narrows towards the thin. Cheekbones norrows towards thin is on the forefront. This face shape can be tall and round and reflects the cuteness and cheerful look on face. Among all face shapes, in order to balance this face shape that is known as ‘ the most versatile”, wingy frames are ideal.

If your forehead is large, you may choose sunglasses that emphasize the lower part of your face getting the attention lower part. If you have a pointed chin, oval frames draw attention to the eye, do great job. Also Aviatior and D- Frame sunglasses with light colored frames, frameless sunglasses have no risk for those who have this face shape.

Sunglasses For Oval Face Shape 

Sunglasses For Face Shapes

The largest part of Oval Face Shapes is cheekbones and face shape narrow towards chin and forehead. Also it’s known as “ the most universal face shape”. Among all face shapes,  Oval Face Shape is the most fitted shape with many sunglasses models.  But which doesn’t mean tha any sunglasses model can fit on your face.

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