Sunglasses Trends of This Summer

Sunglasses Trends of This Summer

The new sunglasses trends produce an big ‘statement’ effect for fashion. Sunglasses that will be ‘keystone’ for you wardrobe, gets shaped in different forms. Sunglasses that are designed to cover eyes initially, takes on more in present. Sunglasses that suddenly may make clothes eye-catching, have the power that can make a difference in your wardrobe this summer.

These days we feel the warmth a lot, it may be the time you have to put your accessory drawer in order. Aviator frames, horn – rimmed frames and some wayfarer kind of sunglasses have timeless chic. You can make little differences in your life by adopting and trying new trends from time to time.

Along with futuristic styles, designers, who change styles coming from the past with the current versions, create the models that we’ve never seen before.

Sunglasses, that turn into a accessory especially with their pendant details, are so different 2020 Summer.

Here are the trendiest sunglasses of this summer that we’ve gathered up for you.

Sharp Lines

Sunglasses Trends of This Summer

If you feel like hurting your hand when you touch it, you can make sure that sunglasses is trend of this season. Among sunglasses, which we’ve seen in fashion shows of Spring – Summer 2020, geometric shapes and sharp lines stand out. Sunglasses, that particularly their lines are distinct and angled, add cool and mysterious aura into your style.

Eccentric Sunglasses

Sunglasses Trends of This Summer

Sunglasses have been taking on festival vibe. Vogue of eccentric sunglasses have increased especially after the video Harry Style’s “Watermelon Sugar” song. Interesting frames, that turn sunglasses into “statement” factor, bring a surrealistic and fascinating aura in your clothes with one simple touch only.

New Generation 90’s

Sunglasses Trends of This Summer

Sunglasses, which gets inspired by  “Matrix”,  literally had surrounded us in last seasons. Very thing sunglasses getting loved by influencers and celebrities were unadaptable even though they looked cool. Fortunately, 90’s blow gain new useful form. Thin sunglasses with thick frame and rectangle form protect your eyes from the sun and bring the soul of 90’s into present.

These sunglasses with thick frame, that 90’s supermodels can’t give up, are among our indispensable ones.

Multicoloured Glasses

Sunglasses Trends of This Summer

We’d been through a very tough time, we want to see things happily as we’re getting in normalizatin period. You can wear a sunglasses with colored glasses when you feel bad with sunglasses that offer us all colors of the world.

Naphthalene Scented Sunglasses

Sunglasses Trends of This Summer

Fashion has stolen this sunglasses trend from the chest of its grandma. While taking a look at your mom’s or grandma’s, you probably saw these kinds of sunglasses. Would you ever think that huge horn-rimmed sunglasses would be popular again that were quita popular in 70  ‘s and 80’s. These retro sunglasses covering almost whole face, get attentions with its pale and yellow glasses and tortoise Shell frames. Time to try the new versions of Naphtalene Scented Sunglasses.

Transparent Sunglasses

We love tranparent sunglasses in the summer 2020. Tranparent trends, that had been seen in shoes and purses a few years ago, are in sunglasses. Sunglasses with acetate frames, perfectly assort with batik designed clothes. This enjoyable sunglasses trend had taken part among the favorite ones in 2020 Summer fashions.

Futuristic Sunglasses

Sunglasses Trends of This Summer

These sunglasses bring us news from the future! Sunglasses that got inspired by futurism is not a special trend for Summer 2020 only. This sungasses, style that we saw in last years, had become popular with the collaboration Rihanne made with Dior. Futuristic sunglasses turn you into a figure coming from the future with its huge frames and glasses.

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