The Newest Summer Trends

We’re officially about to get in summer season. New trends get caught by our attention us  in summer season that new dresses, linen shorts and sandals show up. Influencers that don’t give up to try new trends even in social isolation, they lead us about the newest trends. The new trends don’t pop up in only fashion shows as you know. The newest styles are found out in mirror selfies of celebrities and influencers in the period that everyone is home.

Trends that combine with Spring-Summer fashion shows and social media, add diversity to the new season. Designers who add daily interpretation to Retro styles as they always have, bring differences to our wardrobes with silhouettes that we’ve never seen before. Get ready to create unique styles with chain detailed shoes, bralet tops and t-shirts with padding.


The Newest Summer Trends

Not only summer season, Bralette tops that are on the rise among the trends of 2020, they are among favorite pieces. We see bralette tops under the shirts that are generally matched with shirts. Bralette tops that are one level top of crop top blouses, are ideal for minimalist and attractive styles.


The Newest Summer Trends

Forget about your white t-shirts and pure hosiery dresses. There is padding in everything this season. This trend with 80s inspiration that we’re used to see in laser jackets, are everywhere from shirts to t-shirts. You can find paddings everywhere that are on the rise. Paddings which make your waist thinner and add masculine breeze into your style, are among the trends of the season that should be tried.

New Generation Aviator Frames

The Newest Summer Trends

Glasses with Aviator frame that Tom Cruise wore in “Top Gun” shows up in Summer 2020. Fashion sector that never gives up benefit from movies and metro trends, refered to “Matrix” movie with very thin black glasses last season. Aviator frames now get attentions with metallic diactritics and thin frames in the summer season.

Valiant Colors

Fashion sector may transform and we may see livel vibrant colors in the winter season, we can’t give up the indispensable rule of the summer season; rainbow colors. Valiant colors are among our favorite ones in Spring – Summer season that clouds dissapear and it becomes sunny. There are lime greens, azure blues, sun yellows and deep reds among valiant shades that you can wear to feel better.


We’d seen that raphias and rush mats that are one of conditions of beach chic, reflected the city style last season. We see the continuation of this trend Summer 2020 season. Apart from classic raphia hats and bags, we notice that raphias are on the rise in clothes.


The effect of Bottega Veneta shapes the trends again. Bottega Veneta that captures the fashion sector with net shoes, now leads the trends of the season with chain detailed shoes. Chain Detailed Shoes that combines shoes and bangles in one piece, are quite chic alternative along with sandals and sneakers. Chain detailed shoes that we’ve never seen are recommended for those who want to try modern and daily styles.

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