Tourism Trends of 100 Years After

How will the hotels be in 100 years? The rooms that can be done moonwalking, sport halls that can be climbed digitally to Everest, room services that can be prited from 3 D printer, pies that can be made of seeweeds and other unusual thinks like them, Hilton publised the trend report of the things that listed above.

Here tourism trends in 2119 are;

Customized Holiday Experience

Technology will enable every places to turn for meeting any instant need of guests. Lobby will be able turning into any place on the purpose of offering a great and personal entertainment to any guess from calm spa to moving bar.

Micro chips that will place under the skin will let us control any kind of contrivance in a cordless way from heat to lightening, from entertainment to the other any details anytime, anywhere.

Menu Surprises; Seaweed Cake, Buggy Bolognese, Plankton Pie

Our diets will contain food desriptions that are plant based and some surprising protein sources. Beetle Bolognese, Plankton Pies, Seaweed Green Velvet Cake will be main menü parts. Dinners and room services that will be printed from 3D printer will offer an amazing experience. Foods will be prepared automatically according to preferences and feding necesitties.

Futuristic Fitness; Virtual sea turtle in the swimming pool, climbing through Everest

Swim with a sea turtle in the swimming pool togather or try to climb through the digital side of Everest. This routine exercise will only belong to you. Also the energy that will come from exercises will be used in nourishment of hotel and it will not affect circulating system of boyd at all. You will continue to your workout from where you left off with observable workouts and your personal with hologram. Being offline will be a privilege for you.

Everything Sustainable; Hotels That Are Made Of Plastics In Oceans

Only the sectors that are responsible for their own selves will survive. Sustainability will change design horizon in hotel management with many different implementation from the hotels that are built with the plastics that are collected from oceans to domes that are durable to any kind of whether conditions. Hotels will situate as ‘common intelligence’ for communities; will move as city hall contribute the areas vertical garden that are raised plant in water and bug farms that aimed at communities that conduct the local sources. 

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