Two Movies That Influenced The Fashion

Clothings of characters in the movies is different as much as their personalities. Both of movies that influences their era still keeps headiness.

Black Sacks are known as Audrey Hepburn nowadays, those that are more unisex are known as Annie Hall.

These movies were shot without intending to affect fashion .  Nowadays they are also well known by the great actings of their actresses and directors.

Some major movies and persons have affected the fashion.  The fashions of 60’s and 70’s hauled off suddenly quickly by these two movies hauled off suddenly. Anyone in the street had started to wear being inspired by these movies. Some of companies that released these clothes  could manage to brand and subisted.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s Breakfast At Tiffany’s of 60’s is the movie that led the fashion and  Audrey Hapburn became a lagend. That makes you think that ‘how could a black dress fit a woman this well?’ Wayfarer Sunglasses and reincoat are the pieces that complete it’s style. Her huge accessories that she put on her black dress, sunglasses on her face and reincoat, this combination of her becomes her an icon of fashion.

The movie did not only affect women who lived in 60’s, also affected the combines that’s been used nowadays. One of the reasons is the awesomeness of the movie and charm of Audrey Hapburn.

Tiny black dresses were well known as a theme of mourning in the past. But after this movie they became something quite different for woman. Black tiny dresses and pearl necklace on them got a symbol of the fashion.

Annie Hall

It was walked away from mini dresses in 60’s. Unisex clothing style started to show up in 70’s. In this period when women had started to play an active role, they concentrated on this kind of manly clothings to show themselves.

The famous brands like Ralph Lauren verge towards jacket, shirt and skirt made this clothing style fashion through the midle of 70’s.

In this period when had been used wide tiesi one of the most striking movie is Annie Hall for sure. Diane Keaton prefered unisex clothes in the movie became quite a lot popular and everyone had started to doll themselves up this way. Thus everyone had taken on this women clothing style.

It was tried to remove the huge difference between men and women. Those who want the difference to be removed started to wear shirt and tie.

Both movies that influenced the fashion shows us different styles. Audrey Hapburn defines naive and fragile woman, Annie Hall prefers unisex style and don’t distinguish herself from men as clothing style.  

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