Wearing Like Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp shows up in a different style in every different movie. Also he’s one of the  most intentiv people.

Why Is He Fashion Icon?

Johnny Depp is fashion icon because on the contrary of other celebrities for his looking he relies on his own style sense.

Due to both his personal looking and his “Captain Jack Sparrow” looking on screen, he’s been accepted as unifying factor of chic rockstar wearing of Keith Richards.

Johnny Depp is always Johnny Depp with his fedora, black shirt, ground Jean, leather jacket, wristbands and Paris Cigars.

He got this looking after he started living in South France  for improving the cinema that has left him like gypsy after years and growing his kids.

Johnny Depp’s unique role choices, international life style and need of privacy makes him have a style and look that neither he doesn’t look like a rockstar, actor and any other famous one. He sees himself as an actor who lives abroad and his personal style is a reflection of his desire of living and sustain his work in France.

Wearing Like Depp

It requires a reckless attitude to wear like Johnny Depp. Which doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care or think about what to wear. Johnny Depp simply prefers to represent perfect artist and he’s free to combine his own unique design brands with his personal jewelries. His actual chic shows up with his leather jackets as he’s generally chic suits and daily sport clothes.

His jeans have to be dark tone and shirt black and white but the most important one is leather jacket because it moves like a protective shield against arrows of fame.

Finding a right jacket is like falling in love with a cloth that you’ll wear for years. For wearing like Johnny Depp you need to have a jacket like Hugo Boss Jest Jacket that’s made of lamb leather. Thus this is the great imitation of Johnny Depp style. 

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