What do we expect from the future?

The future seems so excited for whole world’s nationas at following years. However the governments have some problem with eachother, as we people are keeping the culture, feelings, respect and love. Actually the most important this is love and freedom at this life after the good health condition. Cause If we miss the love and freedom, how can we be happy? To be honest If we don’t love It is not possible.

All we are going to build the future together. I will see the brotherhood when I imagine the future. No war, No fight!

Only love and loyalty could remind us the humanity. Some of countries are trying to improve their gun to show their power with bombs. But the real power is coming with the love. African people, Americans, Asians or others why we need to fight together.

Let’s burn the freedom fire and Let’s hug to eachother to make this world better.

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