What Karl Lagerfeld Contributed To The Fashion

Over 100 collection, experience for 50 years and unique vision that leads the fashion we left behind. It’s sure not possible to explain what Karl Lagerfeld contributed to th fashion but let’s talk about some.

The Fashion Is Made Up Of Today

Why is the sentence of ‘ The Fashion Is Made Up Of Today’ so important?
Trend radar that’s for catching Zeitgeist of high fashion has just begun many years ago by the revolationary and visionary courage of Karl Lagerfeld. With his own words, he got ‘Chanel’ out of favorite brand of wives of Parisian Doctors and turned it into global fashion identity. It’s the most beautiful example of essay of ‘remain new’.

The High Fashion Is On The Street
The high fashion meets the street is fusty test according to Karl Lagerfeld in fact. Such that, he is the designer who collaborated with H&M in the year of 2004 that such collaboration had no possibility at all.

Cross- Cultural Stories
Karl Lagerfeld’s intuitions are not limited with only collaborations for sure. It was his job to tell cross-cultural stories and discovering the new markets. He took ‘Fendi’ into Chinese Wall. He carried ‘Chanel’ to Cuba. He could’ve walk through the moon if necesarry.

From Linda Evangalista to Claudia Schiffer, From Bella Hadid to Cara Delevingne, Karl Lagerfeld has a finger in success of many global models. It was like prior condition of being supermodel in order to get into His Fendi and Chanel Squad.

Art Declination To Creative Directorate
There is no other designer that can be so equal creative Directorate and there won’t be that easy. There is such thing as ‘Creative Director’ thanks to Karl Lagerfeld.

Lagerfeld thaught us that designs are not limited with fabrics, they get more
meaningful when they come side by side with music , movie and phtgraph.

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