Will Women’s Mini Wallet Use Change in 2020 Fashion?

In order to ask such a question, it is necessary to first look at what happened in the previous dates or fashion transitions. As far as we can see, serious research is needed in this area. It is necessary to examine the social changes experienced by women at the time they started to use mini wallets and how the norms of that time affected women.

In our opinion, fashion needs to be examined in the context of totality and cause-effect from general to specific. In fact, technological developments, acceleration of social life and place of women in society should be taken into consideration.

As one of the most important factors affecting women’s use of mini wallets; The rapid progress of technology and the faster flow of time in the century we live in affect us logically. The reason for this is that people think that the way to suppress the degree of responsibility they carry in a fast flowing time psychologically is through the fact that it starts from shrinking the physical devices. The clothes she wears, the purse she uses, the wallet, the phone and even the living space … The changes that affect radically the physical life of the human being are the absolute factors that affect the change and transformation rate of fashion.

In addition, it is one of the actors that changes the usage of goods and directs fashion in technological developments. For example; With the minimalization of mobile phones, today many women’s wallets are produced with a smartphone compartment or with enough space to put your headset in your wallet. At first glance, these two examples come to mind, such as the quantity can be revealed. Here is the changing and transforming fashion wallet or purse we use with the functionality does not lose.

What we need to make this functionality sustainable is to remain consistent with more creative ideas. In fact, this main idea is not only valid for fashion, but also for every aspect of life. Thank you for your valuable time.

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