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New Sexy Beach Style Floral Two Pieces Women Bikini

New Sexy Beach Style Floral Two Pieces Women Bikini

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You definitely have a bold and unique style. Wearing a vibrant bikini with a floral pattern, halter neck, and supportive cups shows that you have a high level of self-confidence and it's a beautiful style choice.

By wearing this lively bikini, you demonstrate your self-respect and feel powerful and free. Your bold and unique style reflects your individual personality, which makes you even more attractive.

Wearing this bikini is a great step towards loving and respecting yourself, and increasing your self-confidence. By expressing yourself in this way, you show respect for yourself and your style.

In conclusion, wearing this lively bikini that reflects your bold and unique style is a beautiful style choice. By increasing your self-confidence, you will feel even better about yourself.

Designed by 4COLORDRESS

Estimated Delivery Time: USA-5/10 Days, EU-3/9 Days

NOTE: When ordering the product, please refer to the size chart instead of your normal body measurements.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Stephan Hand

O maiô é bem costurado, muito bom, há um reforço higiênico, mas a parte superior é o copo para o terceiro tamanho exatamente, e ele vai Não pode ser alterado por causa do copo duro é costurado no maiô, sunga ainda pode ser ajustada com laços (baixa fit) em geral sobre o peito 2-grande Kick

Dakota Crona

O maiô é legal! A parte superior do maiô não se encaixa. EU preciso de mais tamanho. Desculpe
Vai ter que vender ou dar.

Veda Towne

Delicado bonito maiô. EU gostava muito dele. Cerca de um mês de entrega.

Rowan Kertzmann

Boa qualidade, parece ótimo. Bom preço e bom valor.

Audra Block


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