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Womens Pocket Design Lace Underwear Shorts

Womens Pocket Design Lace Underwear Shorts

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The underwear short model, which has a pocket design, offers a unique usage value with its very soft texture. It allows you to keep the mini items you want to carry safely with you comfortably.

Designed by 4COLORDRESS

Estimated Delivery Time: USA-5/10 Days, EU-3/9 Days

NOTE: When ordering the product, please refer to the size chart instead of your normal body measurements.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Rogers Luettgen

Rozmir not spivpadt

Novella Tromp

they fits perfectly, does not roll up while wearing :)

Douglas Pouros

fits perfectly, does not roll up while wearing

Heaven Schneider

The fabric is wonderful, only the size comes Small

Craig Grant

Home, light, soft. Two rather large pockets. Gray lace, no thread, no smell. Packed well. Came in about two months, from mid-November to mid-January. I took XL just in case, as I took it as home clothes so that nothing would give or put on, in general it was good, the goal was achieved, but it was possible to have less. Seems not to be small.

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