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Fur Hooded Womens New Fashion Long Wool Winter Coats

Fur Hooded Womens New Fashion Long Wool Winter Coats

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Looking beautiful is what we all want most at all times. Our visual presence becomes very important, especially in winter, with clothes such as thick coat parka models, gloves, and berets. The coated model, the inner part of which is filled with cotton, successfully performs thermal insulation. It performs adequately so that you do not feel cold in cold weather. Coats, which have a zippered closure method, have an average weight of 950 grams.

Designed by 4COLORDRESS

Estimated Delivery Time: USA-5/10 Days, EU-3/9 Days

NOTE: When ordering the product, please refer to the size chart instead of your normal body measurements.

PRE-SALES SUPPORT If you like the product visually and want to buy it, do not hesitate to ask us about everything. It is our greatest duty to enlighten you about the product.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Chester Rippin

Nice, but order larger size

Chelsey Swift

Very beautiful

Aiden Lockman

Unfortunately the size didn’t fit me well

Darryl Kiehn

It's very good things thank God that I 've always gotten from most of the orders in fact on AliExpress only three times that I haven't arrived and I haven't been reimbursed either. Well, good thing it was not so expensive things but most of them are very good thanks to the seller

Dewayne Gusikowski

I feel bad for not reading how short the sleeves are. I am 58kg 165cm, but the sleeves could be 3cm longer. The coat itself feels lovely. Two outer pockets, none inside. Is soft. The hood is not adjustable, which bothers me a bit but with scarf it fits well. No little hook to hang it. Fluffy inside, hood aswell. Fur is attached with buttons. Can pull the coat in from middle and long strings can be tied. In this world 43euro for the coat is decent. Is not meant for bigger people tho, I small and buy 3xl and wish it was longer from both sleeves and coat itself. Read descriptions carefully. I will not take star down for the fur cause can comb it and fluff up. Will wear outside and maybe leave additional comment on it. I wore it with rain and with snow. Coat is warm and soft and fluffy. the air inside is held tight and puff sleeves make it warmer. I suggest using the string in middle that pulls the coat tighter. +2 degrees and under wearing t-shirt and light sweater is ok. I can add more clothes under and be even warmer. The neck hole is quite open, so I wear scarf. It is not European winter coat, but can go around -10 and I am very sensitive to cold. Maybe -15 ok too with hat, gloves and warm pants. I combed my fur, so it is fluffy and almost like in picture. Pocket has small hole in it, but I don't care. Two outside pockets and they are quite big and close well. I am happy. Buy the coat if you are shorter and skinnier. I am 165cm, 60kg and 3XL is nice. I buy big so more clothes fit under and it makes coat warmer. :)

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