From the Flow of Life

From the Flow of Life

Life itself is a miraculous gift. Since the first times of humanity, many lives have come and gone in the lands we have stepped on. What makes all these lives meaningful is the desire to live constantly and to move forward. It is the gene transfer and the desire to be satisfied, which reveals the human being and sustains the desire to live continuously.

Satisfaction is the most basic impulse that opens Pandora's box and builds today. We try so hard to meet this need in all areas of life that we sometimes lose awareness of reality. Because the desire to be satisfied makes itself felt in everything good or bad.

Satisfaction while eating
Satisfaction while wearing clothes,
Being satisfied while living in a beautiful house,
Being satisfied while being with a beautiful woman/man,
Satisfaction in love life
To be satisfied in business life,
Sometimes being satisfied with the results of your exams,
Sometimes when you are looking for peace on the road you walk, etc. to be satisfied.

It is such a long journey that being satisfied offers a great gift to the person who is aware of the moments of satisfaction in his life. Being satisfied will allow you to know yourself. You will see what is the most basic impulse that makes you you. This result gives you

Sometimes it will hurt
Sometimes it will make you happy
It will show you what you gave up at some point in your life,
It will show that sometimes you give up big things just for the sake of satisfaction for the things that are not worth it,
Just stop time for yourself, think about your life, look at what you've sacrificed for and think about what level of satisfaction you've reached as a result,

It will reveal your life like a mirror.

With my love and respect.
Copywriter Erdem DOĞAN

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