The comfort zone within ourselves.

The comfort zone within ourselves.

In a chapter of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Alice runs through the forest with the wise rabbit. After a while, the path splits into two, and Alice asks the wise rabbit,

-"Which path should I take, wise rabbit?"

The wise rabbit's response is remarkable. He says,

-"If you don't know where you're going, it doesn't matter which path you take."

I chose to start with that introduction for a reason. Our comfort zones are either the beginning or the end of every diverging path. The comfort zone either prevents you from starting the journey at all or convinces you to stay put, thinking that the destination is already good enough. Indeed, life itself is in a constant flow of movement, change, and flux. Even if you were to pause your own biological time, environmental changes would still permeate into your life.

Therefore, stopping, apart from being necessary and essential in certain situations, will push you into your comfort zone. If your psychological and physical being can draw the energy of the universe from your veins to your soul, then it is time for you to move. Just like trees that endure harsh winter conditions and bloom again, let your branches flourish.

I draw attention to the presence of two things in the dynamism of life, and I believe that these two things have always been alive in humanity from the very beginning until now. These reasons carry us to the present and shape the future. These two things are as follows:

1) The feeling of satisfaction.

2) Reasons for change, driving forces, the desire for transformation.

In our previous blog post, we made a brief introduction to the expression of our ideas about the feeling of satisfaction. We will delve into this topic in more detail in future articles.

Since I chose the subject of this article as a comfort zone, I will now talk about the reasons that push the change.

After fulfilling their basic needs for survival, human beings turn their focus towards their ultimate goals. In fact, the number of these goals is as vast as the desires of individuals. Sometimes, it could be eagerly anticipating the evening on a scorching summer day to enjoy a refreshing ice cream, and at other times, it could be developing a new formula to reduce fuel consumption in aircraft engineering. However, the common starting point for all of these aspirations is the need for satisfaction in fulfilling our desires.

The feeling of satisfaction derived from our desires and aspirations propels us towards change. It urges us to strive for self-improvement and success. Sometimes, it requires us to find a different approach, while other times it demands us to walk the path with greater determination. It constantly pushes us beyond our current state. This is where the desire for change arises. The stronger this desire for change, the closer we come to achieving what was once deemed impossible.

I would like to write an article that examines this subject much more deeply, but let's end it here in order not to tire you readers.

Thank you for reading.

Copywriter Erdem DOĞAN

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